is a market town in the rural county of Devon, UK.  Two rivers, the Exe and the Lowman, meet here.  In the distant mists of time there were therefore two fords, giving rise to the most likely origin of the town's name.



is a rural Union near Dinajpur in northern Bangladesh.  Its name means 'beautiful forest' in Bangla.  It is a beautiful place but the forest is now replaced with rice paddies.

Working together!

These two communities have been linked since 1990, when Tivertonian Robert Hodgson met Peter Roy of Sundarban.

The Link has embraced a range of people and groups in both communities, helping to create our very special 'global village'


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Two communities - one future

A visitor from Sundarban experiences a day in a Tiverton school. Tivertonians in Sundarban learn about fishing and rice-growing. Two very different ways of life coming together in our own global village.  

Tiverton Sundarban Support Group is a registered charity in UK set up to support Chetonar Dak to build a future for Sundarban.  TSSG raises money in Tiverton from its support  base in and around Devon, UK to help fund the education, community healthcare and skill training programmes of Chetonar Dak. 








Sundarban and Tiverton have much in common:  both are at the heart of an agricultural community and both have a river providing the focus of community life - the R. Exe (above) in Tiverton and the R. Atrai in Sundarban.

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