Chetonar Dak


Is a locally-registered non-governmental organisation set up and run by people in Sundarban to provide materials and services vital in the development of our village. 

Chetonar Dak translates approximately as Call for Consciousness

so it is also known as CFC.


We aim to be the best provider in Sundarban of services essential to all our well-being.  We can achieve this through listening to people in our community and responding to their needs.


Chetonar Dak, set up by

people in Sundarban for everyone in Sundarban


Chetonar Dak is governed by a committee of local stakeholders and managed by a team of villagers.  Teachers, health workers and skills trainers are all recruited from within and around Sundarban and receive training at nearby institutions as needed. 


Set up in 1990, Chetonar Dak is proud that it


  • has seen two generations of children complete High School;

  • provides Mother and Child health services to about 100 mothers each month;

  • monitors the health of all 540 preschool children each month;

  • has trained over 800 tailors who now earn an income as a result;

  • provides services that are valued by the people of Sundarban.


This short video describes the work of Chetonar Dak and explains a little of our treasured link with Tiverton.

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