The sewing school teaches between 20 and 40 ladies per year  to make clothes and a living for themselves.


Started in 1992, the school has given over 400 students an income-generating skill.


Over the years Chetonar Dak has also provided training in electrical work, carpentry and mechanics as opportunities to do so arose.

Our programmes:

The Sewing School started with the gift of a single machine.  It now has ten.  The one-year programme starts with theoretical measurement and cutting out of samples. 


Since 1992 830 students have learned to make a range of garments including salwar chemise, shirts, trousers, and underclothes.

Now Chetonar Dak has built on the tremendous success of the sewing programme by setting up a women's co-operative to support the ladies' businesses.  Opened in November 2015, the shop buys in bulk and provides a nearby outlet where tailors and clients can discuss and buy their needs. 


The next step will be co-operative marketing of group products.

After education and good health, income is the third necessity for a fulfilling life. 


Nasma completed Chetonar Dak's sewing training a couple of years ago and can now work in her own home, making a range of clothes for her family and for people nearby.

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